what it’s like to watch the film now

My favorite scenes are the ones that are different depending on the projector and sound system.  Sometimes you hear the wild natural flange that’s there in  the “foggy day” scene, sometimes you don’t. Sometimes Dani’s red jacket looks kind of pink, sometimes orange. It’s sort like showing bars and tone for 67 minutes.  It’s strange that I longer think about what I wish I’d shot, only what I wish I’d taken out: perhaps because, in theory, it’s never too late for that.  When one finally gives up on the idea of editing yet again: does that mean the project is now autonomous, like a child that finally moves out of the house,  or is it dead?   Should probably export a quicktime and then throw the hard-drive into the river as a way of baptizing the next project.


About Jacqueline Goss

filmmaker, teacher
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